Cut our carbon emissions today

Backing new ideas and innovations is all well and good. But we also need to cut our carbon emissions right now. (There isn’t much point in developing lovely solutions for 2040 if we have blown our carbon budget by 2030.)

That’s why we put just as much focus into creating investments that make a difference straight away. They may not be as exciting as floating tidal turbines off the coast of Orkney, but are no less essential.

An EV charging point in the Cotswolds, England
Our investors are helping fund essential green infrastructure across the country, such as this EV charging point in the Cotswolds, England

Funding real-world climate action projects with councils

Local councils can lead and deliver real change in our communities. But to achieve their Net Zero plans, they need to invest in long-term sustainability projects, and that’s where our council investments come in.

These investments fund essential climate work — from energy efficiency and solar power, to community climate funds and greening streets. Local councils can bring together residents, businesses and investors to make a collective impact now and share in the long-term financial, environmental and social benefits.

Helping fund the green revolution on our roads

The transport sector accounts for a third of UK carbon emissions. Electric vehicles must be part of the solution to cutting that carbon bill, but it won’t succeed without the right charging infrastructure across the country to support millions of new EVs.

We are working with the companies catalysing the revolution on our roads by building the new charging infrastructure we so badly need.

Rolling out the backbone of our green power supply

While onshore wind turbines and solar farms were controversial technologies when we started out, they are now established solutions for delivering green energy at scale and a low cost. Our investors have played their part by backing this essential clean green energy capacity.

Over the years we have backed a wide range of energy projects — from solar rooftops on schools, community buildings, new homes and social housing, to solar farms and small wind turbines, all over the UK.

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