About us

Abundance launched a decade ago with a mission to show that money is one of the most powerful tools to tackle the climate emergency. And in that time we’ve achieved a great deal. Over 8,000 investors trust our open and honest approach to green investment, and have invested over £150 million to support climate projects across the country. No mean feat.

But now isn’t the time to sit back. It is the next decade where we need to rapidly accelerate the transformation of our economy and society. And our unique investment platform gives everyone the chance to use their money to back this essential change.

Our investment impact

Investments that make a real world impact

Many people claim their investments make an impact. But what does that really mean? We believe the 50+ green projects our investors have funded speak for themselves.

Our investment impact
Our investment principles

An investment approach that you can trust

We believe that actions speak louder than words. We are proud to have stuck to our principles from day one, even as green investing has moved from obscure niche to the mainstream.

Our investment principles

Recognised for our values

Certified B CorporationGood With Money: Good Egg
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