Build new green solutions

Over the years our investors have backed a lot of new ideas before the mainstream caught up. (It’s hard to believe now, but ten years ago investing in a wind turbine was considered pretty racy.) We think it’s essential that we continue to support the companies who are looking to the future and coming up with new solutions to some of the knotty problems on the road to reaching our environmental goals.

The world’s largest tidal turbine, the Orbital O2, in Orkney, Scotland
The Orbital O2, the world’s largest turbine turbine, which was part funded by Abundance investors

Our investors helped create the UK tidal industry

Tidal power is a great example of how individual investors can make a difference. We have been backing the sector since 2018, and our investors have put £16 million into two tidal innovators — Orbital Marine Power and SIMEC Atlantis Energy — who are trying to make the UK’s tidal sector into a global leader.

We are backing the sustainable food pioneers

It’s pretty obvious that we need to radically change how we produce our food. We import half of our fruit and veg, so we must find ways of growing more food closer to where we need it while conserving natural resources such as land and water. Not an easy task.

We are working with UK companies who are using cutting edge technology — from advanced greenhouses to hydroponics — to answer this challenge.

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