Support the green transition

The planet is crumbling under the weight of our reliance on fossil fuels and our wasteful habits. Society needs to change. That means making some hard choices to help the dirtiest sectors mend their ways. And working with companies that are part of the problem but want to be part of the solution.

We could have left this area well alone for others to deal with. (Plenty of companies do.) But we believe that doesn’t serve anyone’s interests. Reaching our environmental goals means engaging with these tricky questions, and you won’t find us shying away from them.

A biofuel production plant in Grangemouth, Scotland
Our investors have backed a range of projects that help turn waste products into valuable green energy, such as this biofuel production plant in Grangemouth, Scotland

Finding innovative ways to make better use of what we throw away

Some think solving the waste problem is easy. Consume less, recycle more, compost at home. It’s a nice idea. But even after decades of diligently separating our rubbish into various coloured bins the UK still sends around 12 million tonnes of rubbish to landfill each year, with a further 3.6 million tonnes sent overseas to deal with. Out of sight, out of mind.

It’s a dirty problem which needs innovative solutions. Over the years thousands of our investors have backed various projects tackling this issue. These include creating biofuels from whisky residues, generating power from used chip shop oil, and efficient ways of turning non-recyclable waste into power.

Helping everyone in our society go green

Fossil fuels are intrinsic to all our lives, from how we heat our homes to how we get around. So there needs to be a radical shift across every sector to get to a more sustainable future.

This transition brings difficult questions and tough choices between technologies that often compete against each other. We bring forward investments that genuinely promote energy efficiency, cut our fossil fuel use, and give more people more choice.

That means working with companies across the spectrum — from businesses which generate power from non recyclable waste to those delivering biomass heating. We believe we need to give people the option to support transition technologies like these if Net Zero is to be achievable.

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