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  • 9% a year
  • 5 years

Greater Manchester wants to be a carbon neutral region by 2038, and with their 2.8 million residents making over 1.2 billion car journeys a year, they need a revolution on their roads to make that happen. Iduna wants to boost EV uptake and make it easier for residents to switch to electric vehicles by developing new chargers for the established Be.EV charging network. They have raised a total of £8.1m across two investments on Abundance.

Total funded
Jun 2021
  • Fund EV chargers

    Up to 50 new chargers from their pipeline
  • Grow the Be.EV network

    Give 7,500 members more charging options
  • Let more people go electric

    Boost EV takeup in the North West
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Iduna plans to expand EV charging network in North England