Your money can help tackle the climate crisis

Councils have a lot of power to make a difference on climate change. Over a third of UK greenhouse gas emissions are under their influence, and our council investments are a simple way for you to invest to help them deliver on their plans.

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Our council investments help fund real climate action in communties across the country
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See exactly what your money is doing

We are serious about making sure you are connected with what your money is really delivering. That’s why our council investments comply with the Green Loan Principles - a simple framework that lets you see exactly what the money is being used for - and we report to you on councils’ progress across the investment term.

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Funding essential green infrastructure

If we are going to tackle climate change, we need to get a move on. That means actually delivering the green infrastructure that will underpin a more sustainable society. And the responsibility for delivering and enabling much of that infrastructure sits with councils.

Our council investments help fund that essential work. Whether it is installing EV chargers, cutting energy use in council-owned buildings, electrifying council vehicles, or installing clean energy, it all needs to be done if we are to cut our environmental impact.

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Adapting places for the future

Even acting swiftly, climate change is going to fundamentally affect our lives over the next century. Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns have a big impact on our towns and cities, and councils need to make sure they are making the preparations they need for us all to enjoy a stable future.

That means thinking about the long term. Many of the councils we are working with are investing in new green spaces and sustainable drainage systems to help regulate our urban environment. As well as adapting to a changing environment, these projects are improving the health and wellbeing for residents.