Reporting on our green council investments

We want you to feel confident that the money you invest in councils is spent on green projects that are helping tackle the climate crisis. That’s why we check in with councils on how they are using the funds they raise across the investment term.

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Keeping investors connected to what their money is doing

Since our launch a decade ago, helping investors see what their money is actually funding has been central to our mission. Our direct investments have funded green energy innovations across the country, from wind, solar and tidal power to sustainable forestry. And when we launched our council investments in 2020, we wanted to stay true to that same transparent ethos.

That’s why, since 2022, all our council investments are compliant with the Green Loan Principles. These are nationally recognised standards, also used by the UK Government for its green investments products - Green Gilts and NS&I green bonds. The Principles state that money borrowed can only be used on green projects and we monitor each council to confirm how they have spent the money invested on Abundance.

How the money raised by councils has been spent

Total raised by councils £9,253,957
Deployed on green projects £4,305,830
Still to be deployed on green projects £4,948,127
Green project category Spent (£)
Renewable energy £2,211,786
Energy efficiency £616,559
Clean transportation £530,940
Pollution prevention and control £746,455
Climate change adaptation £100,000
Living and natural resources £100,000
Total £4,305,830

Data last updated: 10 July 2024

In focus: investors’ money in action

a tiny forest project in Hammersmith
Council investments are funding innovative climate action and greening projects

All councils raising funds with us give us regular updates across the investment term, letting us know which projects have been funded and also how the projects are doing. Investors receive these updates alongside their six-monthly investment returns. You can get an idea of the kind of projects councils are delivering by browsing all our past council investments to see for yourself.