Our principles

When choosing an investment platform, we understand that trust is important, and it isn’t something you can cook up overnight. That’s why sticking to our principles has been essential to everything we do, right from our very first investment over a decade ago.

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We are honest about our investments

We always let you know the impact we think our investments will make and are upfront about the compromises involved (there is no getting round the fact that the green transition involves making hard choices). We also keep you updated on how your investments are performing — financially and on their impact goals.

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We give your money a voice

Every pound you invest with us amplifies the clamour to transform our economy and society. We are proud to have led the UK alternative finance industry and used our influence to accelerate positive change. And now our council investments are helping support the ambitious councils who want to lead in the green transition in the places we live and work.

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Everyone gets the same service

Whether you have £5 or £500,000 to invest, everyone’s money is equally important to us. You don’t get a better deal if you are wealthier, or extra privileges if you have more to invest. The green transition will only happen if everyone is invited, and our unique approach ensures that anyone can participate on equal terms.