Our purpose

At Abundance, we have spent more than a decade helping people use their money to take real climate action. Our mix of investments has changed over the years, but they all have been designed to help anyone invest and make a difference in one of three critical ways.

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Orbital tidal turbine in Orkney
We have spent more than a decade helping people invest in real green projects
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Create meaningful positive change

We know our economy and society need to change radically if we are going to tackle the climate emergency. There are some leaders out there who want to try and make that change happen, and we want to support them.

We were one of those climate action pioneers. When we started out in 2012 it was difficult for ordinary investors to get their money into green projects. We’ve made it our mission ever since to work with the visionary organisations that are leading the way to a greener future.

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Actually cut our carbon emissions

We need to reduce our emissions, across all sectors of our society. Starting now, or ideally yesterday. That means investing in proven green technology and solutions that can be rolled out across the whole country - energy efficiency measures, green energy and EV charging, to name a few.

We have been passionate about supporting these solutions for years. And, in our second decade of operation, our council investments provide a unique way to invest to deliver real climate projects, on the ground, that can start cutting our environmental impact, right now.

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Support the green transition

We can’t deliver a more sustainable future unless everyone is invited. That means we need to back the organisations and projects that allow everyone across our society to make greener choices.

Our council investments are a way of making sure that everyone can make greener choices. They fund essential community infrastructure - such as secure bike parking and community recycling - that help people across our communities reduce their environmental impact, as well as trailblazing projects such as sustainable urban drainage and greening that are helping prepare our towns and cities for the changing climate.