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Ecossol PV Debenture 1

Ecossol PV Debenture 1

  • 7% IRR
  • 19 years

Ecossol PV was set up to help make solar PV more achievable across a broader geographic area and continue the rollout of solar PV for homeowners in areas with lower solar irradiation. Ecossol PV part—funded the installation of the solar panels with the remaining cost met by the government’s Green Deal scheme at the time. There were two investment offers on Abundance from Ecossol PV in 2015, which raised a total of more than £1,900,000. This investment was repaid in 2020.

Total funded
Dec 2015
  • Providing free solar power for homes

    More than 600 installations were funded
  • Cutting energy bills

    Households benefit from free energy produced by the panels
  • Generating green electricity

    Surplus power fed back to the grid via the feed—in tariff
Ecossol PV Debenture 1
One of the homes benefitting from free solar panels