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Orbital Marine Power (Orkney) Debenture 1

Orbital Marine Power (Orkney) Debenture 1

  • 12% a year
  • 3 yrs 6 mos

Orbital Marine Power was founded as Scotrenewables in 2002 with the aim of finding an efficient way to harness tidal energy. Following years of testing technology at increasing scales, this investment helped fund the first production model of the O2 2MW tidal turbine. This investment was repaid in 2022, partly through a second long term investment offer on Abundance.

Total funded
Jan 2019
  • Funding the construction of the O2 turbine

    It can provide enough clean power for around 2,000 UK homes every year
  • Innovative sustainable technology

    Orbital have been developing new tidal power solutions since 2002
  • Invest in the UK’s tidal power sector

    Tidal energy can underpin our Net Zero plans, and create new green jobs
Orbital Marine Power (Orkney) Debenture 1
The operational O2 turbine in Orkney