How it works

Abundance makes it easy for you to invest in businesses and councils that are developing the green infrastructure of tomorrow — while generating fair returns for your money.


How to invest with us

Invest your money in the green and social projects that you care about and get a fair return on what they achieve.

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Our approach

We work with businesses that share our vision to build a greener, more resilient society. The time for change is now.

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Our role

We provide a regulated investment platform that lets you directly invest your money into businesses that are creating real positive change.

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About our company investments

Build a balanced portfolio the businesses that are helping us to build back greener.

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Community Municipal Investments

Learn more about the new way to make a big impact investing in councils.

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Need more help? Our customer support team is on hand weekdays 9am - 5.30pm.

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Open an Abundance ISA

The Abundance ISA helps you plan for your future, enabling you to earn tax-free returns from a range of green and social infrastructure investments.

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Start an Abundance Pension

The Abundance Pension puts you in control of your pension pot, enabling you to create a stable income — and a greener world to spend it in when the time comes.

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