H&F Green Investment 2029

H&F Green Investment 2029

  • 4.85% a year
  • 5 years

Hammersmith & Fulham Council want to create a thriving green future, with rich ecosystems that help support both people and nature. They have ambitious plans to become a carbon net zero borough by 2030.

And now anyone has the opportunity to invest these exciting plans, as they are raising up to £5 million through a series of investment raises, which will help fund projects from their climate action programme.

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This first raise — up to £1 million — will help the council fund measures to green parks and open spaces, improve and expand their sustainable drainage networks, and support residents in making healthier travel choices by installing new bike hangars and mobility hubs.

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13 Feb
  • Decarbonise our homes and buildings

    They’re transforming the way we build, heat and power our homes and buildings by retrofitting and installing renewable energy sources such as solar power panels
  • Expanding our smarter transport network

    Protected cycle lanes and secure mobility hubs will enable residents to travel in safer, healthier and more affordable ways while reducing congestion and air pollution
  • Making H&F resilient to the changing climate

    Greening and natural drainage schemes help prevent flooding, boost local nature, keep the borough cool in the summer, and clean the local air
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H&F Green Investment 2029
Eelbrook Common Tiny Forest planting day in Fulham