H&F Green Investment Phase 2

H&F Green Investment Phase 2

  • 4.6% a year
  • 5 years

Hammersmith & Fulham wants to become a carbon net zero borough by 2030, and now anyone has the opportunity to invest these exciting plans. They are raising up to £5 million through the H&F Green Investment across a series of raises, which will help fund projects from its climate action programme. Its first raise of £1 million, H&F Green Investment Phase 1 , closed successfully on 7 February 2024.

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Now their second £1 million raise is open, which will be used to help improve energy efficiency and move away from fossil fuels across council-owned buildings, a sector which currently accounts for 80% of the council’s carbon emissions. The money raised will help fund measures including new solar panels, battery storage, LED lighting and air source heat pumps for council-owned homes, schools, and community buildings, accelerating their new cross-borough energy masterplan.

Total funded
Open until
27 May
  • Cut energy use

    Heat pumps and LED lighting can improve energy efficiency
  • Move away from fossil fuels

    Help install clean energy measures like solar panels and battery storage
  • Help H&F become carbon net zero

    Council homes and buildings account for 80% of its organisatiional emissions
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H&F Green Investment Phase 2
Solar panels on Masbro Community Centre in Shepherds Bush