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ILI Pump Storage Hydro

ILI Pump Storage Hydro

  • 6+15% a year
  • 5 years

ILI Pump Storage Hydro supported the development of a pipeline of pumped storage hydro sites and lithium-ion battery storage projects in Scotland. The development of both energy storage technologies is important. With more and more renewables on our grid, we need technology to balance energy supply and demand and increase grid stability. This investment was one of two raises from the ILI group that supported the business as it continued to develop its pipeline of sites.

Total funded
Jan 2018
  • Helping balance our greener grid

    Energy storage is needed to balance supply and demand
  • Developing Scottish energy storage sites

    Funding ILI to go through the planning process on a number of sites
  • Hydro power offers large scale storage

    Multi-MW projects can make a real impact on our grid