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DistGen Hinton

DistGen Hinton

  • 8-9.1% IRR
  • 19 years

DistGen are a wind power developer with a unique approach. They use refurbished turbines to deliver an even more sustainable approach to wind power. In the case of Distgen Hinton, they used a turbine that had been operating for 9 years in the Netherlands that was completely dismantled, its parts thoroughly inspected and cleaned, before being installed at its new home in South Gloucestershire. Funds from this investment were used to refinance this turbine to fund further projects in the DistGen pipeline.

Total funded
Sep 2015
  • Reusing a recycled wind turbine

    The 500kW turbine has been operating at the site since 2014
  • Supporting the local community

    4% of annual revenues are used to support community projects
  • Generating green electricity

    Green energy exported to the grid receives feed in tariff payments
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DistGen Hinton
Refurbished Vestas V52 wind turbine operating in South Gloucestershire