Our investments

We have funded investments across a range of sectors since our launch in 2012, all of which are making a tangible difference to building a better future for us all.

Liverpool Community Homes


An investment to build affordable homes that make low carbon living accessible to everyone

ILI Energy Storage


An investment aiming to bring one or more sites suitable for pumped storage hydro to the point of construction

Atlantis Future Energy 2019


Lower carbon power from sustainable sources to support the transition to a renewable future

E2 Energy Debenture 2


E2 Energy generates clean electricity on farms in the north of England

Pax Apartments


Ease the housing shortage by converting a warehouse in the heart of Liverpool into supported living and affordable rental homes



CoGen Limited will tackle our waste problem by developing advanced waste gasification facilities

Monnow Valley CHP


Monnow Valley CHP supplies electricity and heat to small businesses

Orbital Marine Power (Orkney)


Orbital Marine Power (Orkney) lets you help build a 2MW floating tidal stream turbine

E2 Energy


E2 Energy generates clean electricity on farms in the north of England

Merseyside Assured Homes


Merseyside Assured Homes will build quality affordable homes for rent in and around Liverpool

Atlantis Future Energy 2018


Atlantis Future Energy will anchor plans to bring UK industry into the Green Economy transition

Alternative Energy Developments


Alternative Energy Developments generates sustainable heat for a group of outdoor adventure centres and other businesses

ILI Pump Storage Hydro


ILI Pump Storage Hydro is the first step to getting new large scale energy storage built in Scotland

Celtic Renewables Grangemouth


Celtic Renewables Grangemouth will use whisky production residues to make biochemicals and biofuels

Monnow Valley Biomass Debenture 2


Monnow Valley Biomass will give another two businesses a more efficient heat supply

United Downs Geothermal


United Downs Geothermal lets you help build Cornwall’s first geothermal power plant

Atlantis Ocean Energy


Atlantis Ocean Energy is harnessing the potential of tidal power by supporting the SIMEC Atlantis Energy group

Allium Lending Group


Allium Lending Group provides funding to homeowners looking to make energy efficiency and other home improvements

Upper Pitforthie Windgen


Upper Pitforthie Windgen generates clean electricity on the Scottish coast

Swindon Chapel Farm Solar


Swindon Chapel Farm Solar is the second Council-community partnership

Thrive Renewables Bond


The Thrive Renewables Bond adds to an existing energy portfolio

Living Power


Living Power supplies the grid with electricity from used cooking oil

Anesco South West Renewables


Anesco South West Renewables generates clean electricity, heat and savings

MAP Solar


MAP Solar is a portfolio of some of the earliest rooftop solar in the UK

Swindon Common Farm Solar CIC


Swindon Common Farm Solar CIC is building a greener future for the town

Ecossol PV Debenture 2


Ecossol PV helped homeowners in the north east get rooftop solar

Upper Pitforthie Windgen


Upper Pitforthie Windgen built an onshore wind turbine in Scotland

Monnow Valley Biomass Debenture 1


Monnow Valley Biomass is heating small businesses more sustainably

Ecossol PV Debenture 1


Ecossol PV helped homeowners in the north east get rooftop solar

DistGen Hinton


DistGen Hinton is a refurbished wind turbine generating energy for the grid

Oakapple Two Debenture 2


Oakapple Two installed rooftop solar on new homes and flats

Oakapple Two Debenture 1


Oakapple Two installed rooftop solar on new homes and flats

Oakapple Berwickshire


Oakapple Berwickshire installed rooftop solar on social housing

DistGen Rogershill


DistGen Rogershill is supporting a rural community with wind power

Engynious Schools


Engynious Schools gave schools free solar panels

REG High Down


REG High Down is a 500kW wind turbine in Cornwall

BNRG Gorse


BNRG Gorse is generating clean solar energy from ground-mounted arrays

SunShare Community Nottingham


Sunshare Community Nottingham helps community buildings save money

Brighter Schools


Brighter Schools installed rooftop solar panels on two schools

Oakapple One


Oakapple One financed rooftop solar panels on new build homes

BNRG Hoo Solar


BNRG Hoo Solar is powering homes and supporting British wildlife

Resilient Energy Great Dunkilns


Resilient Energy Great Dunkilns generates clean power in the Forest of Dean