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Westminster Council wants to create a net zero city by 2040 by backing green projects across their community.

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Westminster City Council is committed to taking action on climate change, and wants to become a net zero city by 2040. They declared a climate emergency in 2019, and have already invested in cutting their own emissions. But they also want to support residents and local businesses to make a positive impact in their neighbourhoods, by reducing their climate impact and improving the local environment.

The City of Westminster has some of the highest carbon emissions in the country and it needs to find ways to reduce city-wide emissions by 91,000 tonnes a year if it is to meet its goal of being a net zero council by 2030. Westminster Green Investment was launched to help fund projects that will create a cleaner, greener and fairer Westminster for everyone.

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Westminster City Council is engaged with their community to deliver climate action

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An ambitious environmental plan

Westminster has some of the highest carbon emissions and worst air pollution in the UK. In response, it has set an emissions target for the City to reach net zero by 2040.

Green Loan Principle Compliant

These investments are issued a Green Finance Framework, which means that funds raised can only be used to deliver on eligible green projects.