How council investments fit into your financial plans

Our council investments were created to deliver on two fronts - a stable long term income that also helps tackle the climate crisis. And our latest survey reveals that this combination is something that millions of savers are looking for.

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A long term stable income is one of the most valuable assets for savers and investors

We are all saving and investing for different reasons - whether it is to fund our children’s futures, get on the housing ladder or look after our retirement. In truth, everyone’s financial needs are unique to their individual circumstances, but amongst our diverse financial needs, one common element stands out. [60%] of saver and investors need a stable, secure income element to form the backbone of their portfolio. An investment that will keep their capital safe, and pay interest income that they can use as they wish. Some take it as income, others want to use it grow their nest egg for the future. But either way, these type of products form a central part of our financial planning.

So it can be no surprise that millions of us have money put aside in savings and investments that can meet this important need - ISAs, investment bonds and low risk investments like NS&I. [21] million UK savers and investors use these products, based on our latest survey, with most keeping [25%] or more of their portfolios in this type of product.

Our council investments offer you a new option to create this secure, long term income. They are one of the lowest risk investments you can make, backed by the financial strength of councils, so are worth considering as part of your portfolio.

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Source: Abundance impact survey 2024 - OnePoll (2,000 respondents)

Saver and investors want returns that go beyond the financial

You would be forgiven for the thinking that, when it comes to saving and investing, it’s all about the money. But the explosion of ESG and environmentally responsible investing in past decade shows the folly of that assumption. Savers and investors don’t want to make a return at any cost. They want to see their money aligned with their morals - no wonder that, even in these financially challenging times, [xx%] of our survey respondents placed environmental outcomes as one of the top objectives for the financial portfolio.

When it comes to making a direct impact with your money, investing has a clear advantage over savings products. Indeed, many of our survey respondents could see the value of investments to get their money actually working towards a greener future, rather than just leaving it sitting in a savings account. Our council investments were specifically created to create that blend of financial returns and direct impact that savers and investors want to see.

poll statistics
Source: Abundance impact survey 2024 - OnePoll (2,000 respondents)