Cotswold District Council

Support Cotswold Council’s plans to reach Net Zero by 2045.

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Cotswold District Council want to put their community at the heart of its environmental action plans. It is one of the few councils to have declared both a climate and ecological emergency, and have plans in place to deliver real action across all the communities of the district. But it has gone further, placing climate and biodiversity considerations at the heart of all its planning decisions as part of its ‘green to the core’ commitments, and its mission is to ensure that all developments are done with the support and input of local communities.

The council see public investments as an important part of their approach to taking climate action, and it intends to launch further rounds of the Cotswold Climate Investment, to give the residents and the general public more opportunities to get involved in its exciting programme of environmental action.

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Cotswold EV charging
Cotswold Council plans include installing more EV chargers across the district

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How Cotswold Council has been using the funds raised

Cotswold Council has already been delivering real climate projects using the funds raised, ranging from energy efficiency to improving public EV charging facilities. 

Cotswold Council's climate action plans

The council is one of the few to declare both climate and ecological emergencies, and has extensive plans in place to take local action.