What our investors say

Our investors are a real mix of people from a variety of backgrounds and at different stages of life.

No matter whether they have invested £5 or £5,000 they all need to make some money for a long term goal, such as their retirement or a child’s future.

But they don’t want to make that money at any cost, which is the reason they are using Abundance investments to meet their financial goals. You can meet some of our investors and find out more about why they invest with us below.

Rob and Tina

Rob and Tina

Rob is a vicar and lives in Essex with his wife, Tina. They invested with Abundance in March 2016 on behalf of their two pre-school grandchildren, who live in Swindon. This is the first investment they’ve made on behalf of the grandchildren and it’s been set up as a trust so the children will be able to access the funds when they are 18.

We liked the idea of investing in renewables because we want a cleaner, more sustainable future for our grandchildren. We’re also investing in the local community on their behalf, giving them a stake in the future of the town where they live. The investment offers a reasonable rate of return, and feels as safe an investment as you are likely to get.

Rob and Tina have invested in Swindon Common Farm Solar using a simple bare trust arrangement. A bare trust gives the beneficiary an immediate and absolute right to both the capital and income held in the trust. Find out more here.

Andy Bentley

Andy Bentley

Andy, an IT consultant, lives in Swindon and has two teenage children. He is a member of his local Climate Action group and involved in local politics as a Green Party council candidate. He invested with Abundance in April 2016, the first investment he’s made outside his pension.

I’d been looking at investing in renewables for a while and when the Swindon project came up, that tipped me over as it’s local. I had some money put aside which wasn’t earning much interest and felt it was time to put my money where my mouth is. I also like the idea that the solar farm is low impact, will be beneficial for wildlife with a wildflower meadow, and the panels can be removed and the land easily restored.

Andy has invested in Swindon Common Farm Solar.

Caroline White

Caroline White

Caroline lives with her partner in Westbourne Grove, London. Originally from South Africa, Caroline has two children in their 40’s and has lived in London for over 10 years. She first invested with Abundance in November 2013.

I’m doing this for my children really. It’s a long term investment at 20 years, which I feel is very clear, tangible and real. Of course it’s ethical, and I do believe in doing the right thing, but there are likely to be healthy returns too. So, it’s win win.

Caroline has invested in five different Abundance projects.

As with any investment product there are risks. Part or all of your original invested capital may be at risk and any return on your investment depends on the success of the project invested in. You should be prepared to hold Abundance investments for their full term (and many will have terms of more than 15 years). Abundance investments may not be readily realisable (and their value can rise or fall). They may be secured or unsecured, and where they are secured this does not ensure repayment. Estimated rates of return can be variable and estimates are no guarantee of actual return. Specific risks will apply in relation to each product. Consider all risks before investing and read the Offer Document for each investment.