Help West Berkshire build back greener

Invest with West Berkshire Council to build new solar power in your area.

Your capital is at risk. Our investments are long term and may not be readily realisable.

Your money can make a positive impact right on your doorstep

Greenham Common

West Berkshire Council’s first Community Municipal Investment is open now. This investment is the first of its kind in the UK, and allows you to invest directly to fund green energy projects in your area.

West Berkshire Council is looking to raise £1 million to build new rooftop solar power at council-owned sites, to help deliver on its plans to make the district carbon neutral by 2030 — twenty years ahead of the government target.

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FCA regulated platform

Offered in partnership with Abundance, who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Directly fund local solar power

New rooftop solar projects are planned across West Berkshire, including at Greenham Common, local schools and the council offices.

Net Zero

How West Berkshire is delivering on the climate emergency

Last year, West Berkshire Council committed to the ambitious target of making the district become carbon neutral by 2030. Now, after extensive local consultation and discussion, they have approved a new Environment Strategy to help them deliver on their goal.

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Good companies grow

CMIs: a lower risk investment that makes a big impact

Our Community Municipal Investments (CMIs) are a UK first, and a brand new way of mobilising your money for good. They allow you to invest directly into councils, giving you a lower risk return that still makes a big impact on the climate emergency.

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