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West Berkshire Council’s first green energy investment is now fully funded.

Your capital is at risk. Our investments are long term and may not be readily realisable.

An investment that is making a positive impact right on your doorstep

Greenham Common
An artist’s representation of Greenham Common

West Berkshire Council’s first Community Municipal Investment (CMI) is now fully funded. This investment was the first of its kind in the UK, allowing residents to back local green energy projects through their local council. The money raised from this investment was used to build new rooftop solar power at council-owned sites, to help deliver on its plans to make the district carbon neutral by 2030 — twenty years ahead of the government target.

The investment raised £1 million from more than 600 investors from July to October 2020, and over a fifth was invested by local people.

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Net Zero

How this investment makes an impact

West Berkshire Council has put the money raised through this investment to work. They have completed five rooftop solar installations which will provide green power around their district.

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Help good companies grow

How CMIs have energised West Berkshire Council’s climate action

West Berkshire Council’s Director of Resources, Joseph Holmes, reveals the impact that CMIs have had on how they finance their ambitious Environment Strategy to reach Net Zero by 2030.

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