Help Warrington take the lead on the climate emergency

You can help Warrington meet its goal of becoming the UK’s first carbon neutral town by investing in their first Community Municipal Investment.

Your capital is at risk. Our investments are long term and may not be readily realisable.

Put your money to work to help Warrington become the UK’s first carbon neutral town


You can take put your money to work to tackle climate change right on your doorstep by investing in Warrington Borough Council’s first Community Municipal Investment.

Warrington Borough Council are already among the leading councils in the UK for taking climate action. They have already made significant investments in green energy, that have halved their carbon emissions since 2007.

This new investment will help them take the next step in their green plans. It will fund an innovative new solar farm which will provide the power for the next stage of delivering Warrington’s Green Energy Strategy.

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FCA regulated platform

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Build the UK’s first carbon neutral town

Your investment can help build an innovative solar farm with battery storage to power Warrington’s future green energy plans.

Net Zero

How Warrington lead the way on the climate crisis

Warrington Borough Council are among the leading councils in the UK for taking climate action. But they want to go further, and CMIs let everyone get involved in this exciting mission.

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Financing for Society

Report reveals potential for council crowdfunding

The Bauman Institute at the University of Leeds has published a report showing the potential for CMIs to transform how local government is financed, by working with the public.

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