Can I invest through a SIPP?

Yes you can invest in a SIPP through our dedicated Abundance Pension, or there are other SIPP providers that will accept our Debentures. Find out more about the Abundance Pension

Can I put Abundance investments in an ISA?

Yes, you can set up an Abundance ISA, which allows you to hold our investments in an Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA). Find out more about the Abundance ISA.

Is Abundance covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?

Any cash in your Abundance account that has not been invested into projects is held in a segregated client account at HSBC PLC and covered by the FSCS Deposit Protection Scheme. This means if you have cash in your ISA or other Abundance portfolios that you have not yet invested in projects you benefit from FSCS protection up to £75,000.

Please note, the FSCS Deposit Protection scheme covers you for £75,000 per financial institution, so in this case it covers any uninvested cash held in your Abundance account as well as any other money you hold elsewhere in HSBC or any of its subsidiaries.

Once your money is invested into Debentures you are covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) on investments. This scheme is different to the FSCS Deposit Protection Scheme described above. Under the FSCS investment scheme investors can claim up to £50,000 of compensation in the case where Abundance goes out of business and Abundance is proven to have have been negligent in carrying out our role.

Is Abundance regulated?

Yes, Abundance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (525432).

Can I sell my investment?

Our Debentures are tradeable. If you need to sell your Debentures we operate a free Bulletin Board service to help you find a buyer. You put your investments up for sale, wait for offers and then choose which you would like to accept. Your investments can only be sold if you find a buyer. For more details visit Selling Debentures.

Is there a chance I could lose my money?

Yes, as with any investment, your money is at risk. You can find out more about the risks of investing with Abundance here, and read the Offer Document to find out the specific risks for each project.