How the Abundance ISA compares

Our ISA isn’t all about the money. There are a number of features and benefits that make it truly one-of-a-kind.

The Abundance ISA is a way for you to use your ISA allowance to fund a range of projects that create something good for the environment and society, without compromising on your financial return. And there’s more to it than that.

We have thought long and hard about the things that can make investing an easier, more rewarding experience and designed the Abundance ISA around them. Here is a list of those things that make our ISA different.

  • No fees for investors

    We don’t charge any fees to our investors because the costs of our services are paid for by the issuers offering the investment. So, when you see us quote a return, that’s what you can expect to get with no additional fees deducted.

  • Start earning returns from just £5

    All our investments have a minimum investment of £5, making it easy to get into the habit of regularly putting away a little money. Plus, your portfolio can grow quicker than you might think with our investments offering estimated returns of 6 - 9%* IRR over their lifetime. View open projects.

  • Generate something good for society

    When you invest with us you are funding individual projects, each of which creates an income for you while making a real contribution to our society.

  • Reinvest to grow your ISA

    Most of our investments offer payments every six months, made up of an equal proportion of the money you invested plus any income earned on it. This puts some of your money back in your hands sooner, letting you reinvest it to grow quicker. With Abundance ISA returns being tax free, your pot can grow that little bit faster still. Learn more.

  • Long term, stable returns

    The investments on our site don’t rely on guesswork or market sentiment to generate a return. They can offer regular payments over up to 20 years because they are correlated to other factors, such as the price of energy. So if the stock market sinks, your investment here isn’t likely to follow.

* 6 - 9% price claim based on products available on Abundance since launch. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

As with any investment product there are risks. Part or all of your original invested capital may be at risk and any return on your investment depends on the success of the project invested in. You should be prepared to hold Abundance investments for their full term (and many will have terms of more than 15 years). Abundance investments may not be readily realisable (and their value can rise or fall). They may be secured or unsecured, and where they are secured this does not ensure repayment. Estimated rates of return can be variable and estimates are no guarantee of actual return. Specific risks will apply in relation to each product. Consider all risks before investing and read the Offer Document for each investment.