Abundance ISA for existing customers

The Abundance ISA works in just the same way as your standard portfolio, except it also protects your returns from tax.

As an existing Abundance customer you can set up an ISA in a few clicks when you are signed in to your account, which creates a new dedicated ISA portfolio that sits alongside the investment portfolio you already use. Once that’s done, you can get started right away by transferring any cash in your Abundance account into your ISA, or making a new subscription via debit card or bank transfer up to the annual limit of £20,000.

The only difference between your standard Abundance portfolio and an Abundance ISA is that you will pay no tax on the money you earn from your investments. The ISA is like a wrapper that protects your money from ever being taxed, whether you choose to hold it as cash in your ISA, reinvest it, or withdraw it.

You can make an investment, deposit or withdraw money from your Abundance ISA using exactly the same process as for your standard investment portfolio. But bear in mind you may only subscribe up to the maximum annual ISA allowance each tax year.

Do I get interest on the cash I subscribe into my ISA?

Yes, at the moment we are running a promotion offering a 2% AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) return on ISA cash balances until 31 July 2017*. This means you can start earning a tax free return on your ISA cash before you invest it into projects. However you will not earn any return on your uninvested ISA cash balance after 31 July 2017.

If you ultimately decide not to invest all your ISA cash with Abundance, you are free to transfer any portion of your uninvested funds away from the Abundance ISA to another ISA provider at any point. You can learn more about this process in our ISA FAQs.

Can I transfer my existing Debentures into my ISA?

At the moment it is not possible to transfer existing investments you hold on Abundance into your Abundance ISA, but we will update investors if this changes in the future.

* 2% AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) return will be paid by Abundance on the cash balance of your Abundance ISA from 21 February 2017 until 31 July 2017. Returns will be calculated on your daily cash balance from 21 February until 31 July 2017. Returns will be paid as two payments; the first covering the period from 21 February - 31 May 2017 (which will be paid on or before 5 June 2017) and the second covering the period from 1 June - 31 July 2017 (which will be paid on or before 4 August 2017). All returns will be paid directly into your Abundance ISA.

Funds are held by the Client Money Service Provider in accordance with the Abundance Service Terms & Conditions and the ISA Terms & Conditions. Abundance may withdraw or change the 2% AER return offer at any time so that it is no longer available or it is limited to a maximum number of new subscribers. The opening of an ISA is subject to the Abundance ISA Terms & Conditions.

As with any investment product there are risks. Part or all of your original invested capital may be at risk and any return on your investment depends on the success of the project invested in. You should be prepared to hold Abundance investments for their full term (and many will have terms of more than 15 years). Abundance investments may not be readily realisable (and their value can rise or fall). They may be secured or unsecured, and where they are secured this does not ensure repayment. Estimated rates of return can be variable and estimates are no guarantee of actual return. Specific risks will apply in relation to each product. Consider all risks before investing and read the Offer Document for each investment.