Abundance ISA

Invest for a rainy day with the Abundance ISA and you aren’t just putting money away, you’re using it to build a better world.

Our ISA is an Innovative Finance ISA, which you can set up alongside your Cash and Stocks & Shares ISAs every year and get tax free returns from investing with us.

What’s new is that with the Abundance ISA your money can help to fund a range of renewable energy projects, all while delivering healthy, long term returns.

  • How the Abundance ISA works

    How the Abundance ISA can help meet your financial goals, whether it is creating an income or growing your money

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  • How our ISA compares

    Learn more about the features that make the Abundance ISA truly one-of-a-kind

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  • Set up an Abundance ISA

    If you want to set up an Abundance ISA now, either for transferring or making new contributions, it is a simple online process.

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As with any investment product there are risks. Part or all of your original invested capital may be at risk and any return on your investment depends on the success of the project invested in. You should be prepared to hold Abundance investments for their full term (and many will have terms of more than 15 years). Abundance investments may not be readily realisable (and their value can rise or fall). They may be secured or unsecured, and where they are secured this does not ensure repayment. Estimated rates of return can be variable and estimates are no guarantee of actual return. Specific risks will apply in relation to each product. Consider all risks before investing and read the Offer Document for each investment.