Transition: what’s the challenge?

We won’t solve the environmental crisis without addressing hidden problems, such as inefficient homes or what we throw away. Transition investments support companies that are putting us on a better path.


We need to act now to solve society’s dirtiest problems

It’s no exaggeration to say that we have a waste crisis on our hands. From plastics littering the ocean to houses that leak heat, every piece of litter or unit of energy produced has an impact on the environment, no matter how it is used or disposed of.

That’s why we believe that there is an opportunity in funding solutions that can reduce our impact in the short term. In practice this means working with a range of businesses who can create value from finding new and innovative ways of saving energy or producing it from waste.

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Money with morals

The future is in our hands

In the same way that recycling and reducing energy use in the home should be second nature, but for many is not, industry also struggles. We decry polluting or irresponsible businesses while turning a blind eye to our own bad habits; meanwhile businesses need new ideas and funding to stimulate change. The reality is we all need to take responsibility.

With transition investments you have the chance to influence change inside and outside your home, which benefits your future wellbeing as well as generations to come. Explore our blog for personal views on the importance of transition from business leaders and insight into the transition investments we have funded and why.

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