Transition: how we can help

We believe in supporting businesses that are driving positive change today, because it’s another step toward a greener tomorrow.

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Building the bridge to a cleaner world

We all want to live in a cleaner world but we need to find many more solutions to knotty problems in life, work and industry to get us there. That’s why we want to fund the transition technologies that can help us take the first steps on the path to a cleaner future until we find the ideal.

We have funded investments for leading biofuel and resource efficiency companies, who are seeking to find new ways of dealing with products that would otherwise end up in landfill. We have also helped fund the transition away from dirty energy sources such as coal towards pragmatic solutions that use landfill waste to generate energy. These projects can make a real difference right now to help us deal with some of our most pressing environmental issues, and lay the foundations for a greener future.

Case studies