The planet is suffering under our existing systems. As a society, we rely on fossil fuels for so much; it powers much of our transport infrastructure, and it is piped directly into millions of homes and businesses. But it is clear these are the systems of the past. We need to back the companies who are trying to make a change and deliver the infrastructure that will let all of society make greener choices.

Abundance supports the businesses making that switch. We know that even the industries that are most wedded to fossil fuels can move towards a greener, more sustainable future with the right backing. We’re excited to help make that happen.

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Helping fund the green revolution on our roads

The transport sector accounts for a third of UK carbon emissions — with road transport making up the majority — and it is clear that, alongside growing our public transport networks, electric vehicles (EVs) are a major part of the solution to decarbonising how we get around.

But, despite the rising popularity of EVs, major challenges still lie ahead, not least in ensuring the charging infrastructure is in place and available across the entire country to support the millions of new EVs that will be on our roads in the coming years and decades. We are working with the companies who are trying to catalyse the revolution on our roads by investing in the new charging infrastructure we badly need.

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Backing the businesses that are changing how we use fossil fuels

Not all decisions on the path to Net Zero will be easy ones, especially when it comes to tackling the colossal carbon cost of heating our homes and businesses — which, for 24 million of us in this country, often means gas.

We realise there need to be a range of solutions to transitioning away from our reliance on fossil fuels to heat our homes and businesses. Biomass (link) can be part of the answer, as can energy efficiency — both sectors that we have backed investments in. But we also believe that making the gas grid capable of transporting low carbon fuels such as hydrogen opens up our options for the future, which is why we backed Northern Gas Networks’ plan to do that.

Working to disentangle our addiction to fossil fuels isn’t easy, and there are no straightforward answers. But we take a balanced approach.

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Creating the energy storage we need to balance our grid

As the UK generates more electricity from renewable sources there is a growing need for energy storage systems that can quickly balance supply and demand as an alernative to burning gas. We need a greener grid to support our greener energy supply and help deliver a Net Zero future.

Energy storage has been identified as one of the key technologies in the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy. Our investors have already backed pumped storage projects that will start to create that essential flexibility in our energy systems.

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