Our current carbon intensive infrastructure is creaking and it’s time to invest in a greener model. The days of ignoring our polluting industries and wasteful way of life are over. Abundance lets you back the businesses that are trying to tackle some of our society’s dirtiest problems.

Long term funding

Greening our industry and society by tackling tricky problems

The planet is suffering under our existing systems. As a society, we’ve got many problems to fix, like our waste mountain, chronic shortage of green social housing, and high carbon footprint. So it’s time for a more sustainable approach.

Abundance supports the businesses making that switch. We know that even the dirtiest industries can have a greener, more sustainable footprint with the right backing. We’re excited to make that happen.

Blog: Transforming polluters into contributors

Helping tackle the waste mountain by building green energy

We need to tackle our waste mountain. From landfill and plastic to the waste that lurks out of sight, we can’t keep ignoring and exporting our problems. That’s why we’ve backed a range of companies who are making a real difference by transforming waste management practices with novel solutions, like Uskmouth power station in Wales — a former coal station now powered by waste material.

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