Funding the UK wind industry through changing times

  • 6 investments
  • £11.8M
  • 3.5MW
    of capacity funded

Creating long term investments in the UK wind industry

Onshore wind is the UK’s longest-established renewable energy technology, the cheapest form of new power generation, and a resource which the UK has in abundance. It is absolutely fundamental to our green energy future.

In 2019 21% of the UK’s energy is sourced from wind power. However the lack of support from our government has halted the development of new wind turbines in England.

There are encouraging signs of a change in political sentiment, with recent announcements that onshore wind will now be allowed to compete with other energy technologies for a price support mechanism, Contracts for Difference. Whether this will be followed by a similar relaxation of the planning rules as well — more onerous for onshore wind turbines than almost any other form of development — remains to be seen.

Wind is dear to Abundance’s heart — our first investment was in a wind turbine on a farm in Gloucestershire in 2012; it is a technology we have continued to back throughout its changing fortunes and we know that our customers love.

We began by funding the building of new wind turbines, moving on to refinancing existing projects. This has allowed us to offer a wide range of different wind investments each with different risk/returns and investment periods.

“The British public loves onshore wind turbines and so do Abundance customers. The UK is often described as the Saudi Arabia of wind and it should be the backbone of our Net Zero energy system. Wind deserves a place in any portfolio which seeks to build a fairer more sustainable future.”

Bruce Davis, Founder and Managing Director