Energy storage

Greening the grid with energy storage projects.

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Backing the development of the infrastructure we need to support a better future

As the UK generates more electricity from renewable sources there is a growing need for energy storage systems that can quickly balance supply and demand. We need a greener grid to support our greener energy supply and help deliver a Net Zero future.

Energy storage has been identified as one of the key technologies in the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy. While there are exciting new developments in large-scale lithium battery storage, pumped storage hydro is an established technology that has been used in the UK for over half a century.

It allows excess energy from times of high wind and solar generation to be stored, by using this energy to pump water from a lower reservoir to a top reservoir. The water is held here until the energy is needed, when it is released to the lower reservoir through turbines, generating electricity like a conventional hydro plant.

We funded our first pumped hydro energy storage project in 2018, raising £3.4 million to develop three new pumped storage sites in Scotland.

“Energy storage projects like these will be crucial in enabling the deployment of further renewable energy, ensuring we have a clean, stable, and sustainable future. Our projects alone could help offset 2 million tonnes of CO2 a year, helping ensure we can meet our climate promises for net zero.”

Mark Wilson, CEO, ILI