Helping grow solar, the UK’s most popular energy source.

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Harnessing the power of the sun, from homes to the grid

Solar power is the most popular form of energy generation in the UK, evidenced by numerous surveys. It generates clean, renewable power close to where it’s needed and at all scales; from a 2kW array on a domestic rooftop to 50MW+ utility-scale solar farms.

While photovoltaics is a long-established proven technology — it was used to generate energy on spacecraft as far back as the 1950s — it really took off in the UK with the launch of the feed-in tariff in 2010. That saw solar power installations increase three-fold, until the government applied the brakes by withdrawing support unexpectedly in 2016. Despite this, subsidy-free solar is now becoming increasingly viable.

This mature technology offers predictable, stable, long term returns for investors, and is also popular with our customers. Abundance has been involved since 2013, backing a wide range of solar projects — from rooftop installations on schools, community buildings, new build homes and social housing, to ground-mount solar farms including the two innovative solar bonds we launched for Swindon Borough Council.

“Along with wind power, solar PV is the foundation on which the UK’s sustainable energy system is built. Abundance has been there for the ups and downs of the industry’s ‘solarcoaster’ and we are excited about the investment opportunities that the post-subsidy solar era will bring.”

Bruce Davis, Abundance