At Abundance we have always understood the positive impact that people and companies can have when they come together. There is widespread public demand for action on climate change, and councils are increasingly responding — 70% of councils have now declared climate emergencies.

Our municipal investments were designed to help bridge the gap from positive rhetoric into tangible action. They allow residents and councils to come together to deliver new green projects and engage communities in positive climate action on their own doorsteps.

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Funding councils to help build greener, more resilient communities

You might associate your local council with bin collections, libraries and social care. But the reality is they have much broader remit. Indeed historically, councils were involved in building much of the infrastructure that we take for granted, including local power, water and transport networks. Now many councils are putting themselves on the forefront of building the sustainable and resilient infrastructure of the future, and supporting businesses and residents to make positive changes.

Investing in councils through municipal investments can help build the more resilient infrastructure we need. Local councils are well placed to lead and deliver real change. But, to bring their plans to life, they need to invest in the long term sustainability of the communities they serve, and that’s where our municipal investments come in.

For investors, these investments offer a new way to mobilise your money for good. Every municipal investment lets you put your money to work on building the long term infrastructure that will create greener, more resilient communities. And because the investment is being issued by a council, rather than a private company, you get access to a lower risk long term investment that can help with your financial planning.

Taken together, the benefits of municipal investments really demonstrate the power of citizen-led, democratic finance. By coming together, investors, residents and local councils can make a collective impact on building a better future, and share in the financial benefits.

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