We support the innovation of the new ideas needed to bring about a sustainable future. There are binding Government targets to reduce emissions to Net Zero by 2050, which means there’s lots to do. We work with the businesses and councils that are developing the fresh solutions to make that happen.


On the leading edge of innovation to deliver a greener future

Across the UK, new ideas are being developed to take us a step closer to a more sustainable future. But crucial backing is needed to bring these to life. We make it our mission to fund these businesses — giving them the chance to grow into the solutions we need to ignite the green revolution.

Blog: Creating new solutions for a greener future

Funding the birth of the UK tidal industry

Yesterday’s solutions are no longer working — we need new industries to tackle the climate crisis. For years Abundance has worked with the UK’s leading players in tidal and we’ve become one of the major backers of the revolution beneath the waves.

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Green the grid

Delivering new solutions to green the UK grid

Urgent updates are needed to our existing infrastructure to transition the UK towards the greener future that we so badly need. We help fund the innovative energy storage solutions that will help balance energy production with demand, and create a greener grid for us all.

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