Housing: what’s the challenge?

The UK’s housing market is broken, with a shortage of quality, affordable homes for buyers and a lack of long term certainty on tenure and prices for renters. We badly need creative solutions to this national problem.

Social housing

The housing bubble has created an affordability crisis

We have been told we need to build 300,000 new homes a year to keep up with demand but we are repeatedly falling woefully short of that target. The real victims are those at the bottom of the ladder who are renting or homeless.

There are 1.15 million people on Housing Association waiting lists and a dwindling number of homes for social, intermediate, or affordable rent. EU 28 analysis shows that 37% of private renters are spending more than 40% of their net disposable income on housing.

We believe that new thinking is required to address these issues, and that funding new social and affordable housing for long term, stable rents is the first step.

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