Green energy: what’s the challenge?

The clock is ticking to implement the solutions we need to avoid catastrophic climate change. Abundance was created to show that ordinary people want to, and will, save the world, one green energy investment at a time.

Meet the team

The technology is there; now we need to use it

The technology exists, costs have come down, and there’s never been more public desire for action on climate change. Yet there are billions of pounds doing nothing in savings accounts that could be working to protect our future. As the green energy sector has grown so has our range of energy investments and, with it, the potential for you to drive real and lasting change with your money.

From 2012 to 2017 the UK increased its share of renewable energy from 10% to 30%, and Abundance investors contributed to that increase by funding wind and solar farms, biomass, and more. Now, with the knowledge that we have 12 years to save the planet, we’re ramping up efforts. Join us.

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Brighter future

Ambitious targets call for innovative solutions

The UK has ambitious climate change targets. To meet them we will need more wind and solar, but also new ways to make the most of the abundant natural, renewable resource we have available to us. This is why we are focused on reviving the UK’s long tradition of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Since offering the first crowdfunded energy investment in 2012, Abundance has been creating new ways to connect investors with established and emerging green projects and businesses that make a measurable difference and a good investment.

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