Green energy: how we can help

We have been pioneers in green energy since 2012, opening up direct investment into all sectors of the green economy.


Building a real community behind the green energy revolution

Our investments are nothing without our investors. We have over 5,000 customers who have funded close to £100 million of green energy investment. Those numbers are growing all the time as more people find out that with Abundance they have the power to alter the course of climate change and their own financial future.

Green energy

Funding established green energy technology

Abundance pioneered allowing anybody to put their money to work in rolling out established green energy such as wind and solar. The technology existed, as did the public appetite, but it was difficult and expensive to bring the two together. Abundance specialises in structuring and selling investments that can give our customers long term, stable returns, while unlocking the funding developers need to get more projects off the ground.

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Heat and power

Supporting the next generation of innovative energy solutions

As the green economy has grown our customers have told us they want to support more of the technology that has the potential to transform our future energy landscape. We are working with leaders in tidal power, hydro, biomass and more to help fund the new and innovative solutions that will secure the UK’s reputation as a green energy leader.

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