Green energy

Green energy is at the heart of what we do. Our first investment in 2012 was a wind turbine on a farm in Gloucestershire in 2012, and since then our investors have funded over 30 different energy investments across a range of technologies.

We have come a long way in the past decade — now over 40% of the electricity on the grid is renewable. But there is still a long way to go, and our investments will help fund the companies that are taking those important next steps.

Green energy
34 investments

Rolling out wind and solar; the backbone of our green power supply

A mainstay of our investment portfolio is the established technology of wind and solar. Although both were controversial when we started out, they have now become established solutions for delivering green energy at scale. And our investors have played their part by funding over 15 MW of this clean green energy capacity.

Over the years we have backed a wide range of projects — from solar rooftop installations on schools, community buildings, new build homes and social housing, to ground-mount solar farms, and small scale wind projects all over the UK.

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Backing the pioneers who are creating the green power sources of the future

We are all aware of the importance of bringing innovative and commercial new sources of renewable energy onstream quickly. Tidal energy’s time has come. It is ideally suited to the UK’s unique island geography, which has half of Europe’s tidal stream potential (RenewableUK data). Harnessing energy from the tides has been happening for centuries in traditional tidal mills reliant on large barrages. The technology for generating commercial scale renewable electricity is much more recent.

The UK is a growing global centre for tidal energy expertise, and Abundance is proud to be backing some of the innovative pioneers working to deliver commercially successful tidal energy projects. Their work is proving that as costs continue to fall, tidal power can make a significant contribution to energy generation portfolios around the world.

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Creating sustainable heating with biomass

Finding new ways to heat our homes and businesses is important if we want to deliver Net Zero, and biomass can be part of the answer. Capable of producing electricity and heat through combined heat and power (CHP) systems, they are an option for many businesses to cut the carbon cost of their operations.

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