We fund the roll out of existing technology that’s ready to deliver benefits right now, and support the businesses and councils that are ready to create the greener, more resilient infrastructure we need to power a better future.

Real change

Offering long term funding that creates real change

The technology to create a more sustainable and resilient future already exists. Now we need to fund the businesses that will deliver it — from solar and wind, through to energy efficiency.

These projects need long term funding, and this has benefits for our investors too. These long term investments fund the roll out established technology and solutions, and offer a more stable investment — a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.

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Brighter future

Creating greener, more resilient communities by investing with councils

Our new Community Municipal Investments are local investments that make a global impact. They enable councils all over the UK to invest in the new green and social infrastructure that we so badly need — like LED street lights, insulated council homes and green energy. And not only that, our investors get access to long term, lower risk returns.

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Social housing

Rolling out real solutions to the housing crisis

The housing crisis needs solutions. More homes are needed — and they need to be energy efficient and low carbon if we are to meet our climate targets.

We’ve funded new developments in the north of England that do just that. Our housing investments fund affordable accommodation with better insulation, triple glazing, solar-powered heating and ground source heat pumps. And our unique funding model ensures greener homes can still be affordable for the people that need them. We’re excited to build on that going forward.

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Letting investors get long term returns from established UK sectors

Investing in an established sector, like wind or solar, brings several benefits to your investment portfolio. Investors enjoy the greater certainty of a tried and tested model — and the benefits of a stable investment. We’ve funded established wind and solar farms since our launch in 2012 and, by doing so, we’ve helped deliver more green energy to feed our grid.