Work towards your financial goals with an Abundance ISA

Your ISA needs to provide for your future and your family. Abundance gives you the tools to ensure it does. The Abundance ISA lets you take control over how your money is working towards your goals, whether they be short or long term, or still changing with time. Our ISA lets you build a portfolio of individual investments across a range of sectors and project lifestages, which can be easily tailored to complement both your existing ISA portfolio and your unique journey.


Get a stable long term income that also helps build a better world

Most people are using their ISA to save for retirement, but not every ISA makes it easy to generate a stable long term income when the time comes. Our investments do.

By specialising in investments that follow projects and businesses as they grow, we can offer long term returns from investing in established businesses and projects that are already up and running. Our operational and business growth investments allow developers and companies to release capital from existing assets to go on to launch new ventures or projects that will continue to build new green and social infrastructure. Meanwhile, investors can generate fixed returns from those assets for anything from 5 to 20 years, meaning you know exactly what you are getting and when.

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Grow your money while helping to fund the transition to a better economy

If your ISA goal is to have a set lump sum, perhaps to pay school fees or help your child onto the property ladder, our early stage investments can form part of a balanced growth investment portfolio.

Our growth investments are typically development and construction, and sometimes business growth too. The higher returns of up to 15% interest a year reflect the risks involved of investing in early stage businesses, balanced against the chance to grow your nest egg faster. As part of a diversified portfolio these investments can have a significant effect on your ISA value in just a few years. And your money is being put to work directly to fund the businesses and projects that are building the new green and social infrastructure the UK needs.

How to start your ISA today

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