Make Abundance part of your ISA portfolio

Our ISA lets you take control of your ISA money, by letting you invest it directly into projects and companies that are doing good for the environment and society, as well as offering bank beating returns.


Take control of your ISA money with Abundance

What makes our ISA stand out is that you are in full control of what your money earns and what it funds. Once you have subscribed or transferred funds into your Abundance ISA you can use it to directly invest in projects and businesses that suit your financial needs and your personal ISA objectives.

You can choose from a range of investments to build your ISA with us, either via new offers or by investing in funded projects on our marketplace. This lets you build an ISA that works for you, while ensuring your money is helping build the more sustainable future that you want to see.

How our ISA can help meet your financial goals

Open an Abundance ISA in just 5 minutes

You can open an Abundance ISA today. It is a fully online process; you just need to provide us with a few personal details and your National Insurance number.

Once your ISA is up and running you can fund it up to the maximum 2018/19 allowance of £20,000 straight away with a debit card or bank transfer and start investing.

You also have the option to transfer an ISA from another provider. You can learn more about the process for transferring your ISA to us in our help centre.

How to set up an ISA today

Add an Innovative Finance ISA to your ISA plans

The Abundance ISA is one of the new Innovative Finance ISAs (IF ISA), which were introduced in 2016 to make it easier to invest tax free with a wider range of providers. It sits alongside your Cash and Stocks & Shares ISAs, giving the exact same tax free benefits, and lets you diversify your ISA funds across new sectors and asset classes.

IF ISAs can be a useful addition to your current ISA portfolio, as investment performance is linked to things like energy generation and project milestones rather than market sentiment or interest rates.

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Benefit from a flexible ISA

The Abundance ISA is flexible. That means you can take cash out of it and, as long as you replace that cash in the same tax year, you won’t lose any of your tax free ISA allowance. A flexible ISA can be helpful if you unexpectedly need access to some of your ISA money, but intend to replace it before the end of the tax year.

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