About our investments

We offer investments in projects and businesses through tradeable Debentures, which are a regulated investment similar to bonds. This allows you to make direct investments into individual companies, so you know exactly where your money is going and what it is funding.


Diversify your portfolio with investments in new sectors

We offer investments across a range of sectors, business lifestages and investment terms. This means you can put your money to work to help fund the transition to a better world by building a portfolio of Debentures that are tailored to your particular needs and preferences.

Having access to this range of investment options means our investments can play a valuable role in helping you build a balanced portfolio, whether that be for income or capital growth. Some of our Debentures offer long term returns with regular capital repayments across the life of the investments, which can be useful for building a long term income, while others are focussed on shorter term growth. And because our investments are direct into projects and businesses, we offer you a powerful way to diversify your portfolio into sectors that are uncorrelated to global stock and bond markets.

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Open your free investment account today, starting with just £5

Investing with Abundance is a simple process, and you can get started right now. Our minimum investment is just £5, which means you can create a diverse portfolio of investments with social and environmental benefits, regardless of how much you have to invest. And as our service is completely online and has no fees for investors there’s no waiting around to begin. You can easily get started today.

How to set up your Abundance account

Invest tax efficiently with an Abundance ISA

Our investments are ISA eligible, allowing you to invest up to £20,000 with us in the 2018/19 tax year for tax free returns. The Abundance ISA is an Innovative Finance ISA, which you can set up alongside your existing Cash and Stocks & Shares ISAs to offer you a new way of diversifying your ISA portfolio.

You can get up and running with an online Abundance ISA in 5 minutes, so you can start making investments tax free with us today.

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Save for retirement with an Abundance pension

Our investments are also eligible to be held in the Abundance Pension*, a self-administered personal pension (SIPP) provided by Gaudi Regulated Services Limited. If you are saving for your retirement and want to invest with the tax advantages offered by a personal pension, the Abundance pension may be right for you.

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