Make local investments with a global impact

Our Community Municipal Investments (CMIs) are a UK first. They allow you to invest directly into councils, giving you a lower risk return that still makes a big impact on the climate emergency.

West Berkshire 2025

  • £1M
  • Council

Tackle the climate emergency by building new solar with West Berkshire Council

Warrington 2025

  • Coming soon
  • 25 Aug

Helping build the UK’s first carbon neutral town by funding an innovative new solar farm


Coming soon

We are working with councils all across the UK to bring you new Community Municipal Investments.


How CMIs work

Our CMIs offer you a lower risk return from investing directly in councils to deliver green and social projects.

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How CMIs help deliver Net Zero

Councils are on the front line delivering infrastructure to tackle the climate emergency. CMIs will help them do that.

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We make it easy for you to build a diverse portfolio of investments across a range of risks, terms and technology types.

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