Make local investments with a global impact

Our Community Municipal Investments (CMIs) are a UK first. They allow you to invest directly into councils, giving you a lower risk return that still makes a big impact on the climate emergency.

More CMIs will be launching soon

CMIs are an innovative new way of making a positive impact on the climate crisis, and a powerful tool to allow councils all over the UK to accelerate their green energy plans. We launched our first CMI in July 2020, and already over 800 investors have invested £2 million with two councils.

We don’t currently have any open CMIs, however we are working with councils all over the UK and expect to launch a number of new investments over the coming months. You can still buy investments on our marketplace if you want to start your Abundance portfolio today.

If would like to receive regular updates on our investments you can sign up for an Abundance account (it only takes a minute). In the meantime, you can find out more about our first two CMIs below.

Case study: Building new rooftop solar in West Berkshire

Our first CMI with West Berkshire District Council reached its full target in October 2020, with 22% of investment coming from local people. The council has already put investors’ money to work to build new local solar power, and the CMI has also had a powerful effect on energising the council’s green energy agenda.

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Case study: Helping Warrington to become a carbon neutral town

Our second CMI with Warrington Borough Council helped fund a new hybrid solar-storage farm as part of their pioneering climate change strategy. As well as generating clean energy, the council’s solar farms will create a £100m+ operating surplus to build long term financial resilience and deliver core services.

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How CMIs fit into your portfolio

Our lower risk investments are a good way to diversify your portfolio if long term, fixed returns are a priority.

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How CMIs help deliver Net Zero

Your money is already helping councils on the front line deliver infrastructure to tackle the climate emergency.

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We make it easy for you to build a diverse portfolio of investments across a range of risks, terms and sectors.

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