Buy and sell investments on our marketplace

Our marketplace lets you trade existing investments with other Abundance customers. This gives you access to a range of investment options, at different stages of maturity, that can help you build your Abundance portfolio.

Balanced portfolio

Buy to diversify

Our marketplace lets you buy into any of our past investments, which gives you a way to build a portfolio that creates the impact you want to see. From wind and solar through to social housing, you can access our full range of impact investments.


Sell if you need to exit

You should expect to hold your investments for their full term, but we understand that plans change. Our marketplace allows you to look for a buyer for your investment should you need to get your money back earlier than expected.

Please remember there is no guarantee you will find a buyer, or on the amount you would receive back.

No fees

Our marketplace is free to use for both buyers and sellers.

Buy investments with track record

Review the latest information on an investment’s progress before you buy.


Access a range of risks and returns

Buy investments across the full range on Abundance, from companies and councils.

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