Create a retirement income with an Abundance Pension

Our pension lets you make individual investments with a range of features, returns and timeframes that, together, can build a resilient portfolio for a stable and sustainable retirement income.

Investments that give you control over your income

Many of our investments have features that are useful when planning for a retirement that could last 30 years or more. Many of our investments offer fixed payments of capital and income at regular periods for up to 20 years from projects and businesses with a track record. This can help give you greater visibility over what you will receive and when, making it easy to plan your spending.

In addition, the capital you receive back with your interest can be reinvested tax free, so that the money you originally invested goes back to work for you, generating more income over time.

Long term investment case studies

How to start your pension today

Investments that grow alongside your retirement plans

Early on in their journey to retirement people tend to look for investments that can grow their money faster. The growth investments on Abundance offer the chance to stagger your strategy, with higher risk investments at the start, and medium risk investments later on.

Our early stage investments offer high returns to reflect the higher risk involved. As part of a diverse portfolio, these investments can accelerate the transition to a greener future and grow your money by 10-15% a year.

As retirement draws closer our customers tend to shift their portfolio toward medium and long term investments with lower risk profiles and an established track record. With terms of 5-8 years and returns of 5-8% they can make a solid contribution to the growth of the green economy and your green pension.

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How to start your pension today