Our role

Abundance offers a different model of investment. We are an FCA regulated investment platform, that connects investors with companies and councils to make direct investments.

What we do

Abundance works with companies and councils across the UK who are looking to raise money to support their work delivering the green and socially beneficial infrastructure we need. We help the company prepare the investment offer and then, as a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), make this investment available through our online investment platform.

This means we have a responsibility to both investors and the companies and councils offering investments to make sure all the products on Abundance comply with FCA rules and are communicated clearly and consistently to everyone involved.

Abundance is regulated to offer investments to our customers, but it is up to you whether you choose to invest. Unlike a bank or an investment fund, we don’t offer the opportunity to pool your money with other savers or investors across a number of investments or make investment decisions on your behalf. Every investment requires you to make the decision for yourself and we do not offer any investment advice.

When making investments on Abundance your capital is at risk and you could lose some or all of your money. Our most important role as a regulated firm is to make sure you understand the risks of investing and make sure you have the information to make an investment decision based on that understanding of the risks.

Preparing an investment

Before any investment offer is opened, our experienced investments team carries out extensive and detailed due diligence of the company, its governance and the project being considered. This covers the technical, legal, corporate and financial aspects of the investment, plus the legal work to produce the required investor documentation.

The primary function of our due diligence process is to make sure we consider the risks of each investment and communicate these to investors. Our responsibility is then to make sure investments are appropriate which means that as an investor you can reasonably be expected to understand the risk.

We have a regulatory responsibility to review and verify all of the information made available to investors, such as the investment Offer Document, to ensure it is fair, clear and not misleading. This means we make sure the information is written in plain and simple language and any assumptions or forecasts made are reasonable. We make sure the risks for each investment are clear and easy to understand so you can make your own decision.

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Ongoing investment administration

Once an offer is funded our work doesn’t stop. We work with each company to administer the payment of investment returns over the life of the investment, provide updates to investors with important information about the investment, and provide additional services like the marketplace.

Our investments team continue to work closely with each company after it has raised the money it needs, staying in regular contact with the issuer over the life of the investment.

Given the important nature of the goals and purpose of the companies and councils raising money on Abundance, including fighting the climate crisis and redressing social issues, we all want to see the investments on our platform achieve the positive impact they set out to achieve and for things to go according to plan. However, as with any investment, there is always the risk that something may go wrong and a particular investment may not be successful. If an investment runs into difficulties, Abundance works with the company to put forward clear information to investors on the next steps and the available options.

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