How to invest with us

We make it easy for you to invest your money in the things you care about. Our investments are accessible to everyone from as little as £5. You can choose to invest in a range of sectors that suit your passion and your pocket — from green energy to housing, energy efficiency and more.


You choose exactly where you put your money

We let you mobilise your money for good, by investing directly with the businesses that are working hard to make a change. When you invest with us your money is backing real projects that are making a positive impact to deliver a Net Zero future. You can either invest in open investments, or browse our marketplace to build a portfolio of investments in funded projects.

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Make investments in the way that suits you

However you want to invest, you make the decisions on where you want to invest your money. You choose the investments that have the impact you care about, with a return and risk that is right for you. You can choose to make your investments within the portfolio of your choice — Innovative Finance ISA, Abundance Pension or a standard investment portfolio.

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Get started investing with us in just five minutes

It is simple to start investing with Abundance. That means you can start building a portfolio of investments that makes a real, positive impact on your money and the planet today.


£5 minimum investment

We make it easy for you to build a diverse investment portfolio with us. Our minimum investment is just £5, whether you are investing in open investments or through our marketplace.


Easy to use, secure online accounts

Our online investment platform lets you set up everything you need to manage your portfolio in just a few clicks.

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No hidden fees

We don’t charge any fees on our investments or to use the marketplace. Therefore, the returns quoted on Abundance are the estimated returns you are expected to receive.

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Invest tax free with an Abundance ISA

If you want to invest tax free, you can do so by opening an Abundance ISA. Our Innovative Finance ISA can be held alongside any Cash or Stocks and Shares ISAs you hold, and you will pay no tax on the returns you receive from the investments you make through it.

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