How Abundance works

We offer investments through tradeable Debentures, which are a regulated investment similar to bonds. This allows you to make direct investments into projects and businesses, so you know exactly where your money is going and what it is funding.


Open a free investment account today, starting with just £5

Investing with Abundance is simple. Our service is fully online and has no fees for investors, so there’s no paperwork or waiting around to begin. And with a minimum investment of just £5 you can create a diverse portfolio of investments with social and environmental benefits, no matter how much you have to invest.

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Buy tradeable Debentures in individual projects and businesses

Our investments are structured as tradeable Debentures, which are similar to bonds. When you invest on Abundance you are lending your money directly to a project or business, who uses it for a defined purpose. You earn a return when it is successful. And because they are tradeable you can also buy and sell Debentures in funded investments that are already paying returns, giving you extra choice and flexibility.

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Diversify your portfolio with investments in new sectors

We offer investments across a range of sectors, business lifestages and investment terms. This lets you build a portfolio of Debentures tailored to your financial needs and aligned with your vision for a better future.

Some of our Debentures offer returns with regular capital repayments, which can be useful in building a long term income. Others are focussed on growth to increase the size of your nest egg more quickly. They all let you lend your money directly to projects and businesses, giving you a way to diversify part of your portfolio away from global stock and bond markets.

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Earn tax efficient returns with an Abundance ISA or pension account

Abundance offers you two ways to invest with us tax efficiently. The Abundance ISA lets you invest up to £20,000 per tax year and receive tax free returns for the lifetime of your investments. Learn more.

We also offer the Abundance Pension*, which lets you build a retirement income from our varied investments with all the tax advantages of a personal pension. Learn more.